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Finally, VW owners, automobile fanatics, modellers and collectors around the world can own a piece of history.

The Weedub 1600 Classic kit is a magnificent 1/4 scale model based on the famous flat-4 engine that has powered millions of Volkswagen's around the world to this day.

Originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1936 as a 985cc engine, it has evolved throughout the years with only minor modifications, thus maintaining the basic design, shape and mechanical function.

Delivered from studio to you $134.95
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After years in development The Weedub 1600 Classic kit is now a reality. Enthusiasts, collectors and modellers everywhere are enjoying this sensational non-working display model. As realistic as they look, these models do not go putt!, putt!, putt!

Here is one comment: I've owned 1600 based VW's off and on since I was 16 and have built more than I've owned. I know this is something you've heard about (before), but I'm sure you never tire of hearing...."This is the most accurate depiction of this engine anywhere. Terrific job mate".  Michael C., Cupertino, California, USA

Prior to shipping every part is inspected for accuracy and quality before carefully packed and sent worldwide to the lucky customer. Will you be the next one?

Dellorto1 Dellorto2
For those who like their VW's (also known as Veedubs) 'customized', 'The Weedub 1600 Custom Kit' will be
On Sale 1st Nov

Featuring: •Twin Dellorto style carbs •Ribbed billet valve covers •Billet timing pulleys •Bellcrank throttle system •Alternator •Custom cooling shroud •Billet dizzy •Spring compression push rod tubes • Custom Oil dip-stick •Real S/S hex socket head screws • Gasket set, plus more.

And when you thought it couldn't get any better, both versions of the Weedub 1600, (Classic & Custom), will include the latest upgrades with e-designed Display stand, 3D name plate. Plus re-tooled parts (for even higher quality) for the distributor, ignition coil & bracket, dual port inlets, manifold, carburettor, alternator/generator.

All for the unbeatable price of $134.95 + delivery worldwide.
Preview of a Dellorto carby and Timing Pulley (after assembly & painting) with a close-up view showing the 360 degree timing marks.
Pulley1 Pulley2

Our mission is to give you the finest display model of this iconic engine ever

Display case 1
*Display case not included
• Looks great Display cabinet
• Extremely accurate
• Highly detailed
• Collectors piece
• Truly unique

The Weedub 1600 is satisfying to assemble. Relax and unwind while you create something special. Using the easy-to-follow, full colour instructions, your Weedub 1600 will be a fabulous static display depicting all nuts, bolts, cooling fins, plus ignition leads, fuel lines, and more. A true showpiece and real collectible. Your friends will be amazed. We've done the hard work. The easy part is up to you. Grab one today. You will not be disappointed.

Size: Large.....9.0" High x 8.25" Wide x 6.75" Long (230mm x 210mm x 170mm)

  Click the images for a detailed view.

The Weedub  The Weedub  The Weedub  The Weedub 
Vee belt The Weedub The Weedub The Weedub
Everything shown above comes in the kit, including the display stand.


Features of The Weedub 1600 Model Kits

Only highest quality materials are used • Authentic distributor with vacuum & condenser • Real Vee belt (not rubber band) • Authentic carburetor • Fuel pump • Separate push-rod tubes • Realistic rocker cover bales • Bosch style ignition coil and labels • Ignition lead boots & connectors • Cutaway transmission casing & starter motor • Ignition wires • High quality presentation stand with nonslip pads • Highly detailed colour Assembly Guide • Certificate of Authenticity • plus more

Assembly required Glue & paint needed to complete this model Assembly time will vary upon experience Suitable for 10 yrs and older Skill Level: Basic


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