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Christmas holidays

1/4 Scale VW Beetle Engine

VW Beetle owners, automobile fanatics, model builders and collectors around the world can now own a 1/4 scale replica of the most iconic car engine in motoring history. The VW Beetle 1600 boxer engine that has powered millions of VW Beetle's and Camper's around the world to this day.
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 Originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1936 as a 985cc engine, it has evolved throughout the years with only minor modifications, thus maintaining the basic design, shape and mechanical function.

Our Weedub 1600 kits are magnificent 1/4 scale models based on the famous VW flat-4 engine. Available in two versions, the Classic kit for the VW traditionalist and the Custom kit for those who like things spiced up.

With an ongoing process of enhancement to our kits, customers are guaranteed the very best quality, parts detail and ease of assembly at all times.

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$139.95  Delivered around the world 24/7
from our design studio to your front door with FedEx Express
Buy a Classic kit 
Our Weedub kits are easy to assemble using the full color instructions.
Both the Classic and Custom kits have all details such as nuts, bolts, cooling fins, ignition leads, fuel hose and more.
Every part is inspected for accuracy and quality before packaged and dispatched worldwide. A true showpiece and real collectable. We've done the hard work so reward yourself and enjoy the experience.

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For those who like their VW's customized, personalized and idolized, this model is for you.
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 Custom4 Pic7   Pic #11  Pic #12
Click to view gallery Note: The ignition cable clamps shown in these photos are not included

Features:  Twin Dellorto style carbs • Ribbed billet valve covers • Billet timing pulleys • Bellcrank throttle system • Alternator • Custom cooling shroud • Billet dizzy •Telescopic spring compression push rod tubes • Custom Oil dip-stick • Real stainless steel socket head screws • Full engine gasket kit, plus more.
$149.95  Delivered around the world 24/7
from our design studio to your front door with FedEx Express
Buy a Custom mit 

Click here for Custom kit assembly video

Phil, let me say right up front that while we build replica automobiles (*refer below) I have no experience working with the very tight tolerances of a model. I cannot imagine the amount of work it took you to make this kit. A little extra time is spent adjusting a few items to fit better, but overall I am impressed with the finished product.

As for the instructions. They are clear and the photos helpful indeed. I loved the experience and now have an appreciation for just how difficult a challenge making, packaging, documenting, and marketing a product, any product, can be.

Your customer service is beyond excellent. 

Thank you. 
Kevin H. (Bremen, Indiana, USA)

Kevin and business partner Carl Beck, own Special Edition Inc. Indiana, USA. Home of the famous Beck Speedster
Model of the Month 
Over time I have received many photos of Weedub Classic and Custom models that have been beautifully finished. Then once in awhile along comes a model that completely blows me away with the attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship.

Luis Galvez
from Lima, Peru sent us photos of his stunning Weedub Classic model. His masterpiece ranks at the highest level of finished models seen thus far. It gives me great delight knowing that my Weedub model kits are giving Volkswagen enthusiasts around the world much joy and satisfaction. Especially in such trying times.

Well done Luis for this magnificent looking model that is certainly worthy of the title of
'Model of the Month'.
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Pic 5 
Many customers have seized the opportunity to use a Weedub model as a training aid.
Before attempting to rebuild a full size motor, they have familiarized themselves with a VW engine using the Classic kit.

Not only do these customers get a basic idea of the mechanical function unique to VW motors, they have a wonderful 1/4 scale VW 1600 engine for display.
Greetings Phil!
Wow, these VW engines are really cool! Thanks for all your kind words and keep it up. Best wishes to you and Stay Bitchin' Mate!

Dave Kindig
TV Reality show Kindig-It Design, and Bitchin' Rides, Utah, USA and owner of a Weedub Classic AND Custom kit
*Display cases not included
• Looks great Display cabinet
• Extremely accurate
• Highly detailed
• Collectors piece
• Truly unique

Delivering worldwide
We deliver worldwide to your front door FREE of Charge. Kits are sent using Fedex International Express. Average dispatch time = 2-3 days*
*these times may vary depending on circumstances    
SPECIFICATIONS: Only premium quality materials are used • Authentic distributor with vacuum & condenser (Classic kit) • True vee shaped V-belt (not rubber bands) • Authentic carburetor/s • Fuel pump* • Realistic rocker cover bales • Bosch style ignition coil and labels • Ignition lead boots & connectors • Cutaway transmission casing & starter motor • Ignition wires • High quality presentation stand with nonslip pads • Highly detailed colour Assembly Guide • Certificate of Authenticity • plus more

No special tools are required. To assemble your Weedub display model you only need glue & paint. A paint colour guide is provided with the Classic kit for your convenience, however the choice of colour scheme for the Custom kit is totally up to you. That's why it's called a Custom kit.

Assembly time varies based on experience and the quality of finish you want to achieve.

Mission Statement: We aim to give our customers the best quality and service at all times
Phil in Oz....Bingo!
Received the engine kit in good condition this AM. Been awhile since I re-built my (full-size) VW engine. Haven’t opened the instructions yet. The model looks super high quality. So fascinating to this old balsa modeler! And..."Hats Off" to you sir for your incredible creation! I will keep you posted on my construction progress.

Thank You,
Jerry M. ( Loxley, Alabama, USA)
Phil, I can only imagine how much TLC you have put into the project! Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art! Thank you again, Jerry
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